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Model: PKZ001
Silver charm Necklace 43 cm for Pandora (style) Beads and Charms.With 2 screw points on the bracelet to place stoppers / clips.Make this silver charm Necklace a unique charm Necklace by screwing up or sliding different pandora (style) beads or charms.This Charm Necklace is also suitable for placing ..
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What Pandora Style bracelets are...

Pandora Style bracelets are self-assembled bracelets with loose charms and beads.
Most people start with an empty starter bracelet, available in different sizes, with some individual self-chosen extra charms or beads.

Over time, collect and choose beads and charms to your own personal taste. You screw or slide each of the chosen beads or charms over your Pandora style bracelet. These charms and beads can always be replaced or added by loose charms or beads with a meaning, theme or other kind of charm or bead until the entire bracelet is full of charms and beads that have a meaning, name or are special for the person who wears the bracelet.
If you do not have your entire bracelet full and you do not want the charms and / or beads to slide, you can choose to put special beads, called clips, on them. Most bracelets have 2 screw points on which you can attach these clips.

All our beads and charms fit the most common bracelets such as Pandora. Tedora, Sim Beads, Biagio